About Fyne Futures

Established in 2004, Fyne Futures is a subsidiary company of Fyne Homes committed to environmental sustainability on the Isle of Bute.  The charity was incorporated January 2005 as a registered charity and company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.

The Company’s objects are:

a)  To preserve, restore and improve the environment in and around the area of Argyll and Bute (“the Operating Area”) through the provision, maintenance and/or improvement of public open space and other public amenities and other environmental and townscape regeneration projects, and in doing so, to seek wherever appropriate (but subject to appropriate safeguards to ensure that the public benefit so arising clearly outweighs any private benefit thereby conferred on private landowners) to carry out works of reclamation, remediation, restoration and other operations to facilitate the use of the purposes of land whose use has been prevented or restricted because of previous use.

b)  To protect the natural environment from further damage by

(i)   discouraging the unnecessary depletion of natural resources through waste management, recycling and otherwise.

(ii)   promoting education in the fields of waste management and/or recycling and, in particular, collating information and carrying out research in those fields and disseminating such information and the results of such research, all with a view to encourage the use of more sustainable waste management practices.

c)  To promote training and education, particularly in such skills as may assist the participants in obtaining paid employment.

d)  To relieve unemployment in such ways as may as be thought fit, including assistance to find employment.

e)  To relieve ill health and promote good health, particularly among residents of the Operating Area.

f)  To provide within the Operating Area facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation available to the public at large with a view to improving their conditions of life.

g)  To promote for the public benefit the preservation (whether wholly or in part) of buildings and other structures of historic and/or architectural significance located within the Operating Area.

h)  To promote, operate and/or support other charitable projects and initiatives for the benefit of the community within the Operating Area.


Charity Number: SC36392
Company Number: SC279734
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