Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can ride the e-bikes?
  • There is no upper age limit, however it is illegal to hire an e-bike to anyone below 14 years.  Bike Bute is open to all with membership or one off hire choices.
  • How fit do you need to be?
  • Our Raleigh Grand Motus Tour e-bikes have a low step over frame, this means that mounting the e-bike is easier for people with lower limb health conditions.  The Bosch power assist is designed to enable you to ride further and tackle some of the inclines as you explore our island.  For people with mobility issues that use a wheelchair, please ask about our VeloPlus companion e-bike.
  • What about my height, will I find an e-bike that I can ride comfortably?
  • We have 3 sizes of e-bike so you are sure to find one which works for you:
Motus Electric Bike Size Guide
Frame StyleFrame SizeMin Rider HeightMax Rider HeightMin Inside Leg LengthMax Inside Leg Length
Low Step26″ wheel (46cm)152cm5 Ft160cm5ft 3”80cm91cm
Low Step46cm161cm5ft 3”177cm5ft 10”80cm91cm
Low Step50cm178cm+5ft 10”84cm95cm
  • How far will I be able to travel?
  • Our battery range is up to 128 miles, more than enough to take you right round Isle of Bute.  However, there are a number of factors that can reduce that range including wind, terrain, and rider fitness.  Your e-bike will be fully charged at the start of your hire.
  • How do I become a member?
  • Complete the form here, then attach the completed document to the email address given.   We will contact you to take payment of £20 annual membership fee, £50 returnable deposit, and make arrangements to meet you for on-boarding guidance.
  • How does membership work?
  • Bike Bute members are able to use our online booking system to book an e-bike anytime for as little as an hour at rate of £3 per hour.  You will pay the hourly rate in advance.  Please note our terms & conditions.
  • How do members access an e-bike?
  • Bike Bute members will be taken through an on-boarding session which includes accessing the e-bikes, familiarisation with e-bike, and essential cycling skills. 
  • What other equipment can add to my experience?
  • Helmets, tyre pumps, and repair kit are supplied free.  You may wish to hire a set of panniers for £5  We have a trailer which is suitable for young children to be carried in which can be hired for £10 for up to 4 hours and £15 for up to 8 hours 
  • I am a wheelchair user, do you have an e-bike for me?
  • Yes, The Velo-Plus is an easy to use wheelchair transporter which enables wheelchair users to enjoy the sensation of cycling.  The Velo-Plus cycle is designed for riders who need to remain seated in their own wheelchair when cycling. It is a very sociable way for two people to cycle together.
  • What if I make a booking and need to cancel?
  • Please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions before making a booking