Fyne Futures hosts Climate Challenge Fund representative

This week Fyne Futures were pleased to welcome a visitor representing the Climate Challenge Fund; Kasia Koziel. The visit was intended to give Kasia a chance to find out how the Bute Carbon Free Food project has progressed.

The team were keen to offer a site tour of the Bute Produce community garden and show her around, introducing her to our lead horticulturalist Ronnie and his team. Kasia was shown how we utilize the principles of permaculture in growing, and how we introduce the same principles of recycling and reuse wherever possible. We demonstrated examples of the raised beds that are planned to be installed at the West Church site, showing how they would be utilised to their fullest.

After her visit to Bute Produce we took a trip to Battery Place, where the sun shone on the fruit and herbs in the beds. Planted last week by our keen group of volunteers, there has been a great deal of activity already on the coast of Rothesay bay, and the major site involved in the project has yet to be developed.

The third and final site allowed us to showcase what is going to be the accessible raised beds. This allowed us to better demonstrate our plans to Kazia, helping her gain greater understanding of the capacity the site could hold and the unique placing of it within Rothesay.

In its current form the West Church site has quickly developed, having now being levelled and cleared. The teams have also laid initial layers upon which the decking is planned to sit. This will be made out of recycled scaffolding, allowing for training and work areas. In addition we will be making good use of high density plastic pallet made from recycled plastic.

It is anticipated that the West Church site will be developed to completion in time for 24th June in time for a planned opening day.

Author: Sandy

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