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Last year as part of our Bute Produce Genesis project, we were delighted to create a new woodland environment within the garden.  The ‘working wood’ has a range of five trees that can be used for a variety of crafts and heritage horticultural practices.  Jessica Herriot of Woodwatch Bute helped with the circular design that in years to come will create five unique spaces – small glades within a circle of each of these native trees – Wild Cherry, Birch, Willow, Rowan and Oak.

There was lots of fun as wee yins and auld yins came along to help with the planting.  Learning about the different trees and their usefulness for the environment, wildlife and our community garden.

We have added a new Willow Walk to guide people to the new woodland.  Of course, it will evolve and change over the coming years as the saplings grow, and we invite you along for a tour anytime.

Now we would like to share saplings that we are unable to retain in the garden.  Would you like to create a small woodland in a community space?  Or dress an unloved corner with these beautiful trees?  We have saplings to pass on…

  • 24 birch
  • 17 willow
  • 24 rowan
  • 19 oak

Please get in touch with details of your project and how many trees you need by emailing

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