All about the hoose

Its been a windy February at the community garden and with the snow we’ve seen you might be forgiven for thinking that means there has been less activity than normal. Not a bit of it! Our team have been out preparing the beds for this years crop to go in and as with any garden there is ALWAYS something to do. At Bute Produce this is no exception and we have recently been pleased to welcome Achievement Bute to join us in a small building project.

The youngsters joined us in learning how to build a greenhouse from recyclable materials- large plastic bottles! The greenhouse stands 7 foot tall and takes its place next to their previously created pond.

Dorothy MacDonald, manager of Achievement Bute said “The Bute Produce staff were just great with the children- they were particularly good with the older boys, who all thoroughly enjoyed the construction work- despite the cold weather.”

The ‘greenhoose’ is build from a wooden frame and the walls are made from 2 lite plastic bottles stacked on top of each other and threaded onto canes. These are then pinned in rows along the frame to make the walls and roof of the greenhouse. In all there were some 3000 bottles used in the construction and it now gives the youngsters somewhere that they can use to seed their own plants. They now also have the skills to build something like this on their own Achievement Bute garden should they wish to.

This was done as part of a project called ‘Future Growth’, funded by the Health and Wellbeing Fund. The fund aims to help young people get the best start in life, works to ensure fairness and connect people with support in their community.


Author: Sandy

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