Zero Waste Bute

The aim of Zero Waste Bute is to Inspire, Education and Empower people to take action and live more sustainably. Our ambition is that Isle of Bute will become an island which

  • Views waste as a resource
  • Takes an integrated approach to waste/resource management
  • Seeks solutions that provide multiple benefits, including contribution to ‘zero carbon’ and resource efficiency
  • Delivers Zero Waste Towns as an exemplar, going beyond national average expectations
  • Acts as a catalyst for change and performance in the national context
  • Support more sustainable ways of living

We aim to achieve this through a 2 year programme of new waste management infrastructure, awareness raising projects and activities, and a community programme that builds in fun and lots of learning.  Come back and check our progress.

Short presentation about how we behave now and how we can change!

ZWT 2014

You can keep up to date with us at Bute Reduce Re-use Re-cycle and Towards Zero Carbon Bute facebook pages, on Twitter @tzcb and on YouTube

New Life to Old Things Project Evaluation

Evaluation Bush Serpentine Collection Service v0.1

Householder Survey Results October 201500505415