Zero Waste Town – Bute

The Zero Waste movement is global, with many people, local and national governments agreeing the need for action to tackle the levels of resources going into landfill or our oceans.  When Bute was successful in gaining status as Scotland’s 2nd Zero Waste Town, we gained recognition as part of Zero Waste Europe.  We made the commitment that through our communities actions there would be less residual waste and higher levels of resources being reused and recycled.  The great news is our community is making great progress!

Recently Argyll & Bute Council have been taken steps to reduce resources going to landfill, aside from the environmental benefits, it makes sense fiscally too!  Landfill tax and the costs of managing waste continue to grow year on year and that is unsustainable.  By adopting a different approach and working with social enterprises such as Kintyre Recycling and Fyne Futures, we can ensure that there increasing benefits for our communities.  Job and skills development opportunities are created through reuse of materials from wood to white goods and through revenues gained by recycling.  The money saved and made can stay within Argyll & Bute and help us take one more step to a sustainable future.

Every household on Bute is contributing to this positive picture.  Residual domestic waste going to landfill has decreased each year since 2014.

2014 – 2458 tonnes to landfill

2016 – 2208 tonnes to landfill

Reuse and recycling volumes are up moving from 1167 tonnes to 1276 tonnes being diverted.

Zero waste includes all areas, and it is great news to see that residual commercial waste is also decreasing.

Sharing stories across the world helps us understand that this journey will take decades to complete however every journey starts with a single step and Zero Waste will be achieved one plastic bottle at a time, and every can really does count!

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