Pass It On week

With Pass It On week now becoming a distant memory we can look back on it as a success. Certainly it was a community affair, with Rothesay Primary and Rothesay Academy each arranging events such as an ‘eco-day’. The eco day comprised 11 events, including introductions to willow work, a talk on the importance of recycling and talks on agriculture. There were also campus cleaning groups on hand and other schools on the island followed suit with toy/clothes swaps. Local play groups and parent/toddler groups arranged other swapping days (or even weeks!) and four local charity shops promoted donation calls for a number of different items.

Bute Produce held a very popular ‘Willow Workshop’ where our horticulture staff were able to demonstrate their skill in the use of willow and show participants how to build garden structures using natural material.

But the place where Pass It On Week was most keenly felt was in our ReStyle shop. Even before the week began we held donation drives to encourage reuse amongst our community. Each day saw something different taking place and our visitors enjoyed many different events. A week long sale encouraged visitors to upcycle their furniture using recovered textiles. We offered focus days on beds and sofas, giving customers the opportunity to find a new piece to laze on. We had textile days focusing on the fabric we sell (which was extremely popular) and our latest line of rugs made a feature during the week too.

And to top things off we were able to ‘pass on’ some of our recycling bins to our local West Coast Motors garage, who have decided to do more to tackle their recycling. Below is Robert pictured with one of the garage employees next to the recycling bins.

In all there were 27 events, talks, demonstrations, donation drives and swaps taking place across Bute, encouraging the community to ‘Pass It On’ and raising awareness of the importance of reuse.

Throughout Bute we are seeing more and more that the community are seeing both recycling and reuse as a responsibility shared by all. This is the best way to create a sustainable environment for all, reducing the materials we use and reusing what we have wherever possible.

Author: Sandy

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