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Bute Potatoes

As part of Bute Produce Heritage Horticulture and Seed Bank project, we are working with the centre for Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA).  SASA holds a collection of over 700 potato varieties on behalf of potato breeders and the Potato Industry.  You can find out more about SASA and their work to support Scotland’s important potato industry at


Bute Produce have received three Bute varieties that SASA hold as in vitro stock.  These varieties are not subject to Plant Breeders Rights.  Over the coming year we will be learning more about this varieties and their place in the heritage of Bute.  We would be delighted to hear from anyone with local knowledge about Bute’s potato industry, the Earlies race to Glasgow markets, or family tales of Tattie Howking.  Give us a bell on 01700 503181 or email us at or get in touch through Facebook/Bute Produce

The three varieties we are hoping to grow and seed this year are:-

Beauty of Bute, and early main crop which was bred on Bute circa 1890

Pride of Bute, another early main crop which we don’t know much about yet, dating from around World War I

Marquis of Bute, which is a second early and may have originated on Arran.


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