The Pass It On Habit!

There is a technical thought process to achieving #zerowastebute – the waste hierarchy is designed to help us pause and think about how we should deal with the resources in front of us.

  • Step 1: reduce the amount of resources we useWaste Hierarchy
  • Step 2: reuse as much as we can
  • Step 3: recycle material
  • Step 4: recover as much material as possible
  • Step 5: well let’s avoid that if possible

De-cluttering, spring cleaning, gutting oot!  Whatever you call it, it’s a wonderful thing to do.  It allows us to take stock of all the stuff we have, really think about what we need, and prepare for (our honest intention) living with just what we need.

On Bute we have an array of options to ensure that the stuff we don’t want/need can be reused.  Our charity shops raise a huge amount of money for local and national causes.  Online swap sites such as Freebies Rothesay provide ways to pass on directly to members of our community.  Or the new trend of throwing a SWISH party, turning a clear out into a celebration!

Recently, our Green Island took part in national #passitonweek and didn’t you all do well!  There were 378 registered events across Scotland.  Across the week, 27 of these were held on Bute – that’s an amazing 7% of all events.  Miriam Adcock, Project Manager for Zero Waste Scotland said “not bad for a small island with a population of 6,500, I think you deserve a huge pat on the back…” and the range of imaginative activities “really helped inspire some of the volunteer groups in other places.”

What has been wonderful is that we are building it into how we do things here!  We have received many phone calls asking “how can I pass items on”, “where can I recycle textiles” etc.  Just this week a local artist, Bute Artism, who raises a huge amount for Womb Cancer Support UK, blogged about just this process.

We can achieve Zero Waste Bute.


Author: reeni

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