Recycling deconstructed!

Recycling is not hard but it can be confusing – we know this because many of the questions we receive are about what material goes into what bin?  This is especially true for visitors to Bute, who may have a completely different recycling service at home.  There is also the huge variety of packaging that comes with our purchases.  Recycling is our full time job, but it doesn’t have to be yours.  We hope to help you to help us!

At the moment the best thing we can do to reduce food waste is not create it!  So whilst strawberries grown local and in season are just the best for flavour and price, we thought this last minute purchase could help with the story.


Out of season strawberries from Spain


Plastic, plastic and plastic but what kind

The next few photographs will illustrate the complexity of the packaging.  There are three different types of plastic and some paper in this one wee tray.  The filmy wrapping with the labels on it, is just to keep the strawberries contained in the tub and provide a convenient place for the stickers.  It should be disposed of in your general bin.  The bubble wrap provides a soft surface for the fruit to rest on during its long journey from Spain.  It should be disposed of in your general bin.  Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot collect any of this type of plastic – if it is filmy, bubbly or crinkly please put it into your general bin.


Difficult to see recycling stamp

The tub can be recycled by placing it into your green recycling bag or if you have large volumes of plastics and metals you may have an additional blue bin – use that.  Some tubs are clearly marked, others make it more difficult to see.  All plastic pots, tubs and trays can be added to your plastics recycling.  A quick rinse before you bin ensures your recycling doesn’t smell and supports a healthy working environment for our trainees and volunteers.


Plastic Type 2 HDPE Mixed 1

All plastic bottles can be recycled




Paper/cardboard contaminated with any other materials or food will be rejected.  Please do not put any plastic into your paper/cardboard recycling.



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