Open Day at Recycling Centre

Our Recycling Centre is having an open day on Thursday 16th June from 10-4pm, come along and see what happens when you donate all your furniture, white goods, recycle your paper, cans and plastics, there will be demonstrations happening throughout the day,  learn more about Zero Waste Bute, a timetable of which is shown below:

Recycling Demonstrations                                     10-11am

Re-use Furniture Demonstrations                       11-12pm

Re-use White goods Demonstrations                  12-1pm

Recycling Demonstrations                                     1-2pm

Re-use Furniture Demonstrations                        2-3pm

Re-use White goods Demonstrations                   3-4pm

Just pop up to our yard at Colbeck lane, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, PA20 0RB  at a time that you would like to see what goes on, look forward to explaining procedures to you then.



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