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A short history of the Potato on Bute

Fyne Futures through funding from Heritage Lottery fund are hosting an event at Bute Produce to learn more about the history of potatoes on Bute.

We are looking for up to 24 volunteers who we will help understand the importance of landrace and heritage varieties versus modern F1 hybrids.  The volunteers will learn how to identify and record characteristics, methods of use and origins of Bute Potatoes.  Together with practical training on the special skills associated with landrace and heritage seed harvesting, processing, storing and propagation.

The programme will be made up of a variety of events on various days:

Monday 23rd February

Tractor demonstration – Bute Produce 10-1 pm

Tuesday 24th February

Full day of Potato Planting – Bute Produce 10 – 3pm

Thursday 5th March

Potato Bread Demonstration – Rothesay Joint Campus 9 – 11am

Friday 6th March

Cookery Demonstration – Bute Produce 11 – 3pm


For more information on the event and how to register please contact us by phone on 01700 503181 or email admin@fynefutures.org.uk

Author: carolinespeirs

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