Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal disposal of waste in places that do not have a licence to accept waste or indeed facilities.  It is a costly issue with in excess of £2.5 million of local authority money spent on clearing up after fly tippers.  Unfortunately our beautiful island is not immune to this awful habit.  It is difficult to understand those who find it convenient to spoil the countryside, beaches or our townscape rather than use the amenities available to them.

  • Uncontrolled waste disposal can be hazardous to your family, friends and neighbours.  That single item can fast become an unsightly and dangerous tip.
  • The environment that we cherish gets damaged and becomes hazardous to flora and fauna.
  • It can damage our fragile tourism industry, when visitors come across rubbish in our town or countryside.
  • We all have to pay council tax, which should be used for valuable services such as care for the vulnerable, education and normal amenity services, not spent cleaning up after dumpers.

Fyne Futures offers a free collection service for furniture and white goods that are in good condition and safe for resale.  This service is by appointment only.  Through this service we divert around 20 tonnes of furniture from landfill each year.

We can not deal with furniture dumped, even if it is outside our gate, without incurring costs that as a charity we cannot afford.  We do not have a licence to deal with goods which are only fit for the dump.  The person who ‘donated’ the piece pictured below, perhaps did not appreciate the difference.  There is an opportunity to redeem themselves by removing the article, as we await feedback from CCTV in the area.  We will, of course, recycle the empty juice can!

Fly tip 1 Fly tip 2



Author: reeni

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