Christmas Collection Dates

We are swiftly approaching that time of year again. Time to get out the wrapping paper, the tinsel and put up the Christmas tree. For the recycling team at Fyne Futures this is a busy time of year, as we see an increase in recyclates. The festive season means areas of Bute whose kerbside recycling is affected by the Christmas and New Year holidays have their days altered.


But fear not! We lay on additional ‘bring site’ collections to  cope with the increase in volume of material we deal with, and anyone affected by the changes is given plenty of advance warning if their day is changed (this year Monday and Tuesday is affected). Even if you miss the date for your recycling kerbside collection, there is almost certainly a nearby ‘bring site’ that will be serviced within the week for you to bring your paper, card, cans, plastics and usual recycling materials too.

The dates and locations affected are as follows:

Kilchattan Bay:

19th Dec- Kerbside Collection

29th Dec- Bring Site Collection


8th Jan- Bring Site Collection

16th Jan- Kerbsite Collection


Port Bannatyne:

12th Dec- Kerbside Collection

22nd Dec- Bring Site Collection


29th Dec- Bring Site Collection

9th Jan- Kerbside Collection


Country Run:

11th Dec- Kerbside Collection

18th Dec- Bring Site Collection

22nd Dec- Bring Site Collection


29th Dec- Bring Site Collection

8th Jan- Kerbside Collection


Merry Christmas from everyone at Fyne Futures, and have a Happy New Year.

Author: FF-admin

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