Call for volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to support our recycling materials recovery operation.  Recycling volumes have increased by 30% over the last few months.  This is great news for the environment!  Volunteering with our recycling team is a wonderful way to support the goal of Zero Waste Bute.

Volunteering at our Recycling Centre could help you learn and develop knowledge and skills useful to gaining paid employment.  Why not pop in for a chat to find more or give us a bell 01700 503181

Activities You MAY get involved Knowledge Gained through Activities Skills Developed during Activities Business Behaviours
Kerbside Collection Service Health & Safety Awareness Customer Service Showing initiative that improves customer care
Recycling Materials Recovery Understanding Manual Handling Record Keeping Problem solving for business effectiveness
Furniture Collections & Deliveries Understanding recyclable materials Dexterity Team working that improves performance
Understanding workflow processes Good Observational Skills
Understanding recycling machinery and correct operating procedures Machine Operation
Understanding rotas and scheduling Machine Care
Understanding of general waste management Manual Handling
Revolve & EQFM sales processes



Author: reeni

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