Bush / Serpentine Enhanced Collection Pilot

What a great response from the lovely people of the Bush/Serpentine area!  Our first enhanced collection service took place on Thursday 10th September.  For this pilot we are collecting paper & card presented in the blue bin; all recyclable plastics, tins and cans.  The results are in and we can say that we are moving in the right direction.

41.45% of households are participating in recycling!  Let’s get it to 90%!

On the day 82.42% of blue bins where presented for collection.  Remember your bin doesn’t have to be full.  In fact, putting it out every collection day helps our teams and means that your bin doesn’t overflow before the next collection.

An additional 12.57% of green bags were put out.  The next collection day is tomorrow – Thursday 24th September.

Every category of recyclable material increased.  A total of 1,296.5 kg was diverted from landfill.  That’s an increase of 28.68% on the baseline measure.

Great for the planet and great for Bute, remember recycling supports local jobs and training opportunities.Mixed Bag

Author: reeni

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