Project 2021/2022

Bute Dignity in All Work

This is the final year of the project which is funded by Scottish Government Investing in Communities Fund..

To deliver an innovative programme that is person-centred, with a focus on supported progression to volunteering and/or employment.  The project will encourage participation in engaging, fun and inclusive events and activities around growing food, sharing food, and making use of resources whilst also learning new skills.

Fyne Futures Ltd Volunteer Co-ordinator will provide dedicated support for all participants and encourage progression into volunteering.

There will also be 22 wage-based opportunities that offer progression from volunteering.  The number of wage-based opportunities will expand from in-house provision to working with other employers, with the weekly hours and duration of placement being tailored to suit the person depending on their health and wellbeing.  The aim is to create an in-work experience that will last for at least 26 weeks.

In addition, the project will include a four week exit programme – Next Steps workbook – which will focus on providing support with CV preparation, together with job search support, letter writing, and IT and interview skills.

Fyne Futures will procure specialist business support to complete design of the employability programme in order to develop current in-house training programmes, thereby offering a programme that adds value to other local employers and encourages collaborative working to create more opportunities for people with barriers to gaining employment.