Our Climate

Chimneys-belching-smoke-image-21st-Jan-10-150x150Climate change is happening. More than 99% of scientists now agree this is the case, and mankind has had a major impact on accelerating this.

Climate changes are natural phenomena which have been happening since the earth was created. The Earth’s surface has been warming up naturally since the last Ice Age but this has accelerated since the Industrial Revolution.

The Greenhouse Effect regulators the Earth’s temperature.  It is a natural process without which the average temperature of the Earth’s surface would be – 18°C rather than a more comfortable 15°C.  The main gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.  These form a ‘blanket’ around the earth and help insulate it from escaping heat.  These have remained constant for thousands of years.  However since the Industrial Revolution mankind has been producing our own greenhouses gases through the use of goal and gas, through factories, our homes, and the way that we travel.  This has accelerated climate change.

We all use energy every day – at home, at work, or when we travel, burning more and more fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas – which release greater quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  This increases the size of the ‘blanket’ of gases surrounding the Earth trapping more of the Sun’s energy in our atmosphere.  This in turn causes the Earth’s temperature to increase more rapidly in a shorter period of time than it has for thousands of years.