Mug Up On Portions

Much of the food we waste is thrown out because we prepared, cooked and served too much[1]. Love Food Hate Waste has an online portion planner to help you calculate the correct portion for adults and children.  If you are not keen on getting the scales out every time you cook, why not make your own measuring mug for those items where it’s hard to guess right, such as rice and pasta? Half a mug of uncooked rice is usually the right portion for two adults but what about other ingredients that you regularly use?

Once you have checked the portion size, why not use an old mug, plastic container or set of spoons? You could even make a mark on the outside with an indelible pen to help you measure it out quickly each time. If spaghetti is your bug bear and you don’t have a spaghetti measurer in the drawer you can always make your own by cutting a hole in some card – drawing round a 1 pence piece will give you a template for 1 adult portion.

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[1] WRAP: Household Food and Drink Waste 2012

Author: reeni

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