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Just under half of the avoidable food and drink wasted (worth around half a billion pounds) is binned because it’s ‘not used in time’: thrown away because it has either gone off or passed the date on the packaging[1].  Much of this food could have been frozen[2] and eaten later, or could have been stored better so that it lasted longer. Having a few simple kitchen items to help store or freeze food successfully can save a lot of money.

A key to successful freezing is to make sure that as much air as possible is expelled from around the food.  This prevents ‘freezer burn’ – those unappetising dried out patches that can appear on food, and also help maintain the colour and flavour of many foods.  Tightly wrapping in film or foil, or using freezer bags can help.  Squeeze any air out of the bag before freezing and seal it really well.  Many good freezer bags come with zip closures but if yours don’t, a very tight knot or a good clip can make all the difference.

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[2] WRAP: Impact of more effective use of the fridge and freezer 2013

Author: reeni

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