Drop a tonne of CO2e with our Zero Waste Bute Food Waste Tips

It’s not just kitchen skills and knowledge that help us save money and make the most of the food that we buy. The right tools and equipment also help. But how do we ensure that we don’t end up by filling our kitchen cupboards and drawers with all sorts of kitchen gadgets that are never or rarely used?

Whether you are a fan of kitchen kit and caboodle, or prefer a minimalist approach, Love Food Hate Waste is here with advice on the basic kit and everyday kitchen objects that really help us make the most of the food we buy.  Freezer bags, clips, pegs, takeaway containers, ice cream tubs, foil, clingfilm and even kitchen paper can be used to reduce the £1 billion of food that is thrown away by Scottish households every year[1].

Kitchen kit can help us store our food, work out the perfect portions and help make meals out of leftovers.  The good news is that much of this kit is inexpensive or can be recycled from items we already have in the home. Whether you are setting up home or having a good old clear out Love Food Hate Waste will offer ideas, hints and tips on essential kitchen kit and how everyday items can be used to help us save money by not wasting food, whatever our budget and however much storage space we have.

[1] WRAP Household Food and Drink Waste 2012

Author: reeni

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