Established in 2004, Bute Recycling Centre is a registered Scottish charity that provides recycling services on Isle of Bute.  We offer a kerbside collection service, as well as collecting from bring sites in the area.  We recycle many things, including plastic bottles, food and drinks cans, aluminium, paper and cardboard.  Last year we also started collecting textiles.  Through continued support from the community, Bute Recycling Centre has managed to increase its annual tonnage from 9 tonnes to 410 tonnes.

Why recycle?

Every household produces, on average, 1.46 tonnes of waste every year, the majority of which gets put into  landfills, which can be extremely damaging to the environment and uses up the earths natural resources.  If we recycle, then some of this waste can be turned into valuable resources, which will thus save energy and protect our environment.  Furthermore, by implementing recycling services we can create jobs for local people and help boost the economy.  Find out more about recycling across Scotland here.

How to recycle?

Bute Recycling Centre offers a kerbside collection service for all households once a fortnight.  In addition, we also have 3 bring sites throughout the area, where you can bring your recyclates to be collected.  To start recycling, simply contact the office on 01700 503181  or use the contact form to get details of bring sites or supply you with recycling bags and blue bins.