How do I join?

Easy. Join in seconds by completing our online application.

How old do I have to be to join?

You need to have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 24 months and must be at least 22 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

How does the pricing work?

You can visit our ‘What it costs’ page to see our current rates.

I have had some driving offences, can I still join?

Depending on the nature of the offences, we can accept up to six points on your licence – sometimes up to nine. This will be checked and confirmed to you during the joining process. You must have had no major motoring convictions in the last five years and not have more than three “SP” and “CU” code offences in the last three years. If you are unsure, do give us a call to check your individual circumstances.

Do I have to bring the Car Bute back to the same place that I picked it up from?

Yes, at the end of your booking you must return the Car Bute to Castle Street.

What happens if the place I need to return the car to is blocked?

If when you return from your journey the bay is blocked by another vehicle, please use general on street parking nearby within Castle Street or High Street as an alternative.

What types of car are available?

We currently have 2 Toyota Yaris – 1 manual unleaded fuel efficient and 1 automatic unleaded/electric hydrid.

Is insurance included?

Yes. Fully comprehensive insurance is included with a standard excess of £250. All the statutory requirements are covered, on a comprehensive basis, including unlimited third party injury and passenger liability cover. Hopefully you will never have a bump but if you do, you only have to pay the excess if our insurers deem the accident to be your fault (or the third party can not be traced).

Will a car be available when I need it?

Car sharing is about only using the vehicle when you need it.  We ask our members to be mindful of booking in advance where possible and returning the car at agreed time in consideration of other members.

What happens when I need to fill the car with fuel?

There should be fuel in the car. However, should you need to there is a fuel card in the car. Members simply fill up the car as normal (remember it’s unleaded) and hand the fuel card over to the cashier along with the current mileage of the car. This way, members never have to hand over their own money for fuel as the bill gets paid directly by Car Bute. We ask our members to return the cars with at least a half tank of fuel for the convenience of the next member.

What if I’m running a bit late?

We understand that this happens to us all, and that’s why we make it as easy as possible to extend your booking. Please contact us so we are able to manually adjust your reservation. If another member is affected by this, then we will try to move them to the other car. You may have to pay some of the costs incurred here, but we try our hardest to avoid that. That’s why we always ask to be informed as far in advance as possible if members know they’re going to be late returning the car. However, if members are late and do not let us know they’ll be charged a £30 late fee and 1.5 times the hourly rate for the duration over their original booking. Additionally, any costs accrued by any member who is kept waiting may be passed on.

Can I cancel a booking?

Certainly. If members cancel a booking giving 24 or more hours notice, there is nothing to pay (but as much notice as possible is appreciated so other members can book the car). If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, members will be charged 60% of the cost of the booking – up to a maximum of £30.

How can I get into the car – don’t I need keys?

The keys for the car are held in a Key Safe, located near the car. You will receive a pin number to access the key.

Can I use a car for business?

Yes. Our insurance covers you for personal and business usage.

Do your cars have breakdown cover?

As our car is reliable and serviced on a regular basis, this is unlikely. However, you are covered for breakdown and recovery assistance.

1. Call Moorcar 0775 332 5014 2. Call Breakdown Cover call centre 0870 034 85 85 Vehicle registration is NA15 KWP or NK64 RBZ Both cars are insured by Ashburton Co-operative Transport. The contact name is Jeremy Farr. Contact address is Woodstone Barn, Newton Abbot TQ13 0DW 3. If vehicle can be started and is safe to drive, please notify Moorcar immediately. 4. If the vehicle cannot be started please instruct Recovery vehicle to return Duncan’s Garage, Isle of Bute.