Visit for Incredible Edible Network

During the first week of September we were joined by a visitor from the Incredible Edible Network. Sarah Ward was keen to see how

the Incredible Edible Bute group had come into ‘fruition’ and how Fyne Futures had helped transform the West Church derelict land into the Chapel Hill accessible raised beds. The network were particularly keen to learn of how positive action helps promote health benefits and build community links.

Ronnie, Stuart and Sandy were able to introduce her to the raised beds both in Chapel Hill, talking about how their creation was made possible through co-operation between volunteers, members of our team, local business and many other resources. She was impressed with the scope that had been taken on and the amount done in the time given. The fact that so much of the site had a positive impact on the islands carbon footprint was evident too: building materials were sourced locally where possible, structures were made from reclaimed or reused resource wherever possible.

After the introduction to the main garden and a discussion on our aims of educating about how to grow and harvest by running training courses in town, the group walked to Battery Place to explore the variety of fruit and herbs on offer for anyone to pick and use. Sarah asked if there had been any reluctance for the growing to take place, and whilst there had been some who preferred to see the roses in situ, when they had learned of the councils plans to remove the beds altogether most had agreed this was the best alternative. Together, they found a second crop of strawberries, chives, blueberry and many other fruits and herbs in the beds.

Finally, Ronnie introduced Sarah to the work that Fyne Futures do at the Bute Produce community garden. From learning about how we grow a variety of fruit and vegetables to deliver local produce to our island residents, to the trees we have planted to teach local school children about carbon dioxide impact, from how the team at the garden help support the Incredible Edible Bute group with teaching of seed saving, growing and composting.




Author: Sandy

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