There’s a buzz aBute the place!

Bute Produce are delighted with the addition of Eat Natural sponsored Beer Hive. Tuesday 6th June, we took delivery of our first “nuke of bees” supplied by North Ayrshire Beekeepers Association.  Rab Duff has successfully completed first stage of his Beekeeping training, adding new skills to the growing range of horticultural excellence at the garden.  In keeping with Fyne Futures environmental objectives, we are excited to take part in ‘Build the Buzz’ initiative which will put Bute on the map again for its commitment to bio-diversity and sustainable food production.

Back in March, Eat Natural organised a day in Oxfordshire (hosted by Ben, along with Praveen Vijh, Eat Natural’s co-founder) to bring together our Pioneer beekeepers and new recruits. It was a brilliant day, with lots of ‘hands on’ work around how to use the hive, how to understand the technology and the results, and plenty of ‘sounding board’ experience for our new beekeepers. Everyone enjoyed a delicious honey-based lunch – such as Honey Cheesecake, which was devoured!

Eat Natural has partnered with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) on the Pollenation initiative.  Eat Natural, through its funding to the BBKA, has enabled the ‘Build the Buzz’ initiative, a brand new, ground-breaking national scientific project utilising highly sensitive technological equipment to gather data from within the beehive – including temperature, hive humidity, brood temperature and hive acoustics – alongside the prevailing climatic conditions. The hive information and data is fed back to a central storage server with computer access for analysis. Individual beekeepers are able to have an insight into their colonies 24/7 supporting their understanding of life within the hive in supporting of their hive inspections.  Data obtained from the Build the Buzz project will be analysed with the aim of assisting in the research and development of practical solutions to support beekeepers in maintaining a healthy Honeybee population.

It may be sometime before we can sample the product of the bees hard work, in the meantime there are lots of seasonal treats to be had from the garden. Please pop up and see us or enquire about our green box scheme – 01700 503181

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