Permaculture on Bute

I guess the first question is “what’s that?”  Truth be told it’s all new to us too!  Over the course of the next year, everyone at Bute Produce will be learning to apply permaculture principles to produce great locally grown food.

First the basics:

  1. ethical framework
  2. understand of how nature works


    Permaculture Plot 2

  3. designed approach

For Bute Produce this means creating a sustainable, productive, non-polluting and healthy asset for our community.  It means that we have had to make big changes on the ground.  Gone is the weed suppressing membrane!  Gone are the big areas of single crops!  Gone are intricate lines of hose pipes!

It will be a very interesting year with challenges and opportunities.


Green Shoots

The word ‘permaculture’ comes from a couple of combinations.  “permanent agriculture” and “permanent culture” suggest that we should live lightly on the land and in doing so make sure that we can sustain ourselves for generations to come.  Some of the key aspects of this way of growing are about achieving stability, deepening and improving soils, being aware of conditions and using water appropriately.  Creating a more bio-diverse agriculture and hopefully abundance of food.


From seed to plot

Of course, it’s Fyne Futures, so this is also about having a thriving community that is more self-reliant, with access to fresh locally grown food.  To help with this, we will be opening another 15 raised beds at the site, available for people who would like to grow their own food but don’t have access to space.


We will keep you up to date with our progress.  Like us on facebook and find our how you can get involved.

In the meantime, take a quiet moment to sit and listen to Duncan.

Author: reeni

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