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The last of our winter crops are disappearing fast.  Snowball turnips, purple sprouting broccoli, and Swiss chard have given us all they have.  Our team have been very busy preparing ground and sowing seeds to bring you a brand new menu.  You might notice that Bute Produce is looking a bit different this year.  It is 2nd year of our transformation toward permaculture.  Crop families have been rotated into their positions within the beds.  The plots have all moved over towards the South of the field to accommodate planting of green manures in the area nearest the Veg Shack.  This will ensure the soil is being improved whilst producing healthy food.

Radish seedlings sown a few weeks back are ready to enhance any salad with lovely peppery flavour.  Who remembers enjoying a tart stick of rhubarb with a wee poke of sugar?  What a treat!  Of course a portion of rhubarb crumble is the ultimate comfort food.

We are looking forward to seeing how our working wood and wild flower meadow develop this year.  We hope the new “Willow Walk” will become a wonderful green arched path for visitors to explore.  We are also working on making our teaching garden more accessible for all abilities with the addition of a decked raised bed and improved paths.  Buying your veggies from Bute Produce helps sustain the garden as an asset for our island, providing a bio-diverse space for people to grow as healthy as the produce in the field.

Summer crops are well underway, just reading the planting list makes your mouth water.  Order a green box today or 01700 503181 – for just £10 you can have fresh vegetables delivered to your door and support our work.


Author: reeni

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