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We are looking for volunteers to support Bute Produce community garden.  The new season is well underway, and there are lots of activities to get involved with.  Volunteering with our Bute Produce team is a wonderful way to support goal of increasing locally grown produce.  You may have a wealth of knowledge and skills you can bring to the garden – here is an example of the type of horticultural activities that take place.

The garden has been transformed over the last 2 years by:

  • Tree Planting – wood as a resource – maintaining the health of the young saplings
  • 10 permaculture produce plots – seeding, planting, and harvesting activity throughout year
  • Biennial and annual plots
  • Green manure and composting – natural soil improvement
  • Growing for seed in heritage corner – plant husbandry and seed gathering
  • External raised beds and poly-tunnel crops
  • Community Growing Raised Beds – available to people who want to grow their own vegetables

Volunteering at our community garden could help you learn and develop knowledge and skills useful to gaining paid employment.  Why not pop in for a chat to find out more or give us a bell on 01700 503181.

Activities You May Get Involved With Knowledge Gained Skills Developed Competence Behaviours
Grow Your Own Vegetables Health & Safety Awareness Customer Service Showing initiative that improves customer care
General Horticulture for Food Production Understanding growing medium for seeds Record Keeping Problem solving for business effectiveness
Green Box Sales Understanding soil type and actions needed to improve soil Cash Handling Team working that improves performance
Understanding planting Dexterity
Understanding propagation Measuring
Understanding watering and feeding regimes Tools maintenance
Knowledge of plant husbandry Basic DIY
Understand threats and action to protect – pests & diseases Application of Horticultural Knowledge
Understanding impact of weather Manual Handling
Knowledge of harvesting
Knowledge of storage methods for seed

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